“Medium мirror, window frame” 1280х560мм


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“Medium мirror, window frame”

Our mirrors are made out of authentic outside window surrounds and window frames of the XX century. Each one is made in a single copy. Window frames are cleaned of layers of paint.
We have created a line of mirrors that will remind us of the war in Ukraine, as well as create a simulation of how people see the world through such windowpanes.
There exists a well-known method of gluing windows with adhesive tape in wartime and during air bombing.  This helps reduce the number of glass shards that will fly into the room as a result of the shock wave. These strips serve as some kind of glass reinforcement. Glass in this case acts as a membrane that mostly resonates in the central point during the explosion. It is assumed that the cross shape protects the middle of the membrane in the best way.


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