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Who We Are
restare (restare) – bureau of architectural salvation. We save old things from garbage. We advise on authenticity and restoration.

What are we
restare is a chance for the abandoned things created by the people who lived before us to be saved and properly realized. We sell authentic things in stock. We do not make them better and do not implement them for our own benefit, but simply know how to fix them and use them successfully.

What are we talking about
restare is about love for devalued things in history that have a meaning and a way of life. Their value does not disappear, but passes to a new level of love and manifests itself even brighter against the background of modern disposable mass market.

For whom We
For conscious people who respect what has been done to us. They strive to preserve and restore the lost. For trendsetters and opinion leaders who want unusualness, charisma, for whom it is important to have an exclusive thing that has no analogues.

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