We are people who have been engaged in their affairs until russia has come. And has brought us its nauseous “russian world”.

We cannot stay away from war. Therefore, we decided to use extra time and energy to implement the Art for Ukraine charity project.

We are a platform that unites artists from different parts of Ukraine and from all over the world in a common desire to help our country.


The Art for Ukraine team works completely free.

All 100% of the sales profits we donate to charitable foundations.


“Goods” on our website is a collection of creative achievements of us and the artists involved in the project. These are the manifestations of our worries, anger, and anxiety, embodied in the original stuff on this website.

If you want to help Ukraine — welcome to our catalogue.

Stay tuned! Art for Ukraine’s assortment is constantly updated, while the team is growing. Because we work as a single mechanism for Ukraine.

Слава Україні!

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Our team has joined the social project Under Sirens, which was initiated by the international creative agency @BBDOUkraine team with the technical support of the company Advin.
Feel how the war sounds. From now on, such reminders will be included in each order from our website.

Every day is dedicated to the AFU. Every day we live thanks to AFU. Ukraine is liberty, and it will always be so due to the effort of the AFU.
You can buy thematic merch dedicated to AFU Day and donate to the needs of the Ukrainian army on our website: https://artforukraine.world/item/st-himars-black-t-shirt/



You can buy this T-shirt here: https://artforukraine.world/item/guilty-2/

All 100% of the sales profits we donate to charitable foundations.
Join the fundraising!

Thanks for this art to Oleksandr Shatokhin.

Awesome @by_by_duck in our “Blue Yellow” T-shirt.
You can donate to charity and get the same item here: https://artforukraine.world/item/blue-yellow-white-t-shirt/

Thank you, @by_by_duck! You're the best💙💛

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