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Petro Kerechanyn (Ukraine)


Petro Kerechanyn

Artist, designer

Date and place of my birth: 25.07.1993, Ukraine, Transcarpathian region,village Imstychevo

Now living and working in Mukachevo.


2010 – 2014 I studied at the Transcarpathian Arts Institute (now the Transcarpathian Academy of Arts), on a day-time study, a department of design, a direction of graphic design.

2014 – 2016 I studied at the Lviv National Academy of Arts, received a master’s degree, day-time study, department design, graphic design direction.

In 2018 founded the St. Peter’s Gallery. I curate and organize events in the gallery to this day.

Exhibitions and events:

2011 – plein air in the village Zhdenievo

Since 2014 – a regular participant in exhibitions of the Youth Association of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine in the galleries of Mukachevo and Uzhgorod

2015 – exhibition “Autumn Salon” at the Palace of Arts, Lviv

2015 – student exhibition “Chair”, gallery “Whirlwind”, Lviv

2016 – exhibition “To the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution” in Badnostadt, Germany.

2017 – member of “Noise” project in the gallery “Franko №3”, Rakhiv

2018 – personal exhibition “Curved / uneven / black / white” in the gallery “Franko №3”, Rakhiv

2017 – happening “You are sons of a bich” to draw attention to the felling of greenery in Mukachevo.

2018 – 2020 – installations dedicated to women’s rights in St. Peter’s Gallery, Mukachevo

2020 – with the participation of Stas Turina organized a “Plein Air on the periphery” at the Gallery of St. Peter

2021 – organized a tour and lectures “The Tale of Trees and Urbanism” with the participation of Alexandra Sladkova, Pavel Syrvatka and Alexander Shutyuk.

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Petro Kerechanyn (Ukraine)
Petro Kerechanyn (Ukraine)
Petro Kerechanyn (Ukraine)
Petro Kerechanyn (Ukraine)
Petro Kerechanyn (Ukraine)
Petro Kerechanyn (Ukraine)
Petro Kerechanyn (Ukraine)