The nightmare has become our reality.

February 24, 2022, is the day when Russia launched a full-scale war against the Ukrainian nation.

This war is against honesty, against humanity. This war is against the whole world.

While you are reading this text, warfare is going on in Ukraine.

The enemy tactic is horrible and ruthless: bombardments of residential houses, kindergartens, hospitals, schools with rocket artillery… They target civilian transport, destruct public infrastructure and cultural monuments… This all is our reality now.

Dozens of Ukrainian civilians are killed by the occupiers daily, while babies are being born in bomb shelters..

The Ukrainian army is desperately fighting the dark forces to defend our homeland. They are our shield, they are our Heroes!

Art for Ukraine is a public initiative aimed to raise charitable funds to support Ukraine by selling various thematic merch and works of art.

Our contributors are Ukrainian and foreign artists, who have donated their artworks on a volunteer basis. You can buy all this stuff and join the Art for Ukraine charity project. 
All sales profits will be directed to the urgent needs of Ukraine: army support, IDPs financial aid, as well as reconstruction of destroyed cities and architectural monuments after the end of this infernal war.

Buy Art for Ukraine and become a part of the fight!

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